Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Back from LA, back to work, and back to not being a biohazard.  Okay, back to not being a complete biohazard.  And no, that doesn't have anything to do with my lab work!  I've been sick.  Blech.  I woke up Sunday feeling like someone was stabbing me in the throat and all the cups of tea in the world didn't make it feel better.  But 3 days of sleeping on the couch has helped.  I'm now in the totally disgusting hacking and sneezing phase.  I'm back at work though.  The NIH says you're much less contagious after the first 2-3 days of symptoms.  And I'm trying to catch up with blogs since Google reader backed up on me while I was gone then sick and couldn't even read.  When I'm sick my brain basically refuses to do anything more strenuous than watch Law and Order reruns. 

Now I just feel doped up.  I took some Advil cold and sinus that has pseudoephedrine.  That stuff works but it makes me super loopy.  As evidenced by the fact that I just laughed at the phrase "super loopy".  It also murders my appetite.  So I was in the lab half an hour ago wondering why I was so light-headed and out of it when it occurred to me that it was probably because I hadn't eaten anything today and it was 11am.  So I ate an apple and now I feel much better, though still slightly stoned.  I'll force myself to eat lunch soon too.  Lesson learned.  Remember to eat while on drugs!

LA was a lot of fun even if I'm positive one of those flights or Disneyland gave me this cold.  Lame.  We played board games, ate out, went to Pinkberry, wandered Disney, and played with our friend's kitten.  Food was bad.  I ate a ton of high calorie high fat stuff and felt both physically gross and mentally pissed at myself.  So then because I was upset I ate more.  Awesome.  I need to work on this whole moderation thing.  Life does not need to be a choice between binging or starving.   But I forced myself to eat more when I got back than I normally would after a week like that since I was sick and definitely needed the calories.  And even so my clothes are already back to fitting normally.  What can I say?  My body likes this weight.  I just wish I did too.

I promise a post with more substance later today or tomorrow.


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