Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane

I just posted a page with my history with disordered eating and eating disorders.  It's long but it's important to me to put it all somewhere.  When I read these things on other ED blogs I feel a lot less alone so maybe this will do the same thing for someone else eventually.  Some of it I'm sure I'll elaborate more on, as time goes on as well.  Anyhow, it's here.

In more exciting news I'm off to LA with the boyfriend tonight!  I'm really not the biggest LA fan (so many cars, lack of decent public transportation, traffic, etc.) but I love our friends who live there and we will most likely be going to Disneyland, which I also love, so I can't wait!  Plus they live across the street from a Pinkberry, which doesn't exist anywhere near me, and I adore that stuff.  Seriously, it's like crack to me.  When our friends got married last summer I made the groom take me there the morning of his wedding, true story.  And at the moment I have a gift card from a friend for $20 at Pinkberry.  I spent the rest of the evening after she gave me that present stroking it and crooning "My precious" to it.  Also true story.

Anyhow, I'm off to pack and run some last minute errands, hampered by the fact that the UPS package that was supposed to be here a week ago and has presents for the friends we're going to go see in it, still hasn't arrived so somebody has to sit by the door at all times waiting desperately for it.  Worst company.  Seriously.  We've been told 3 times now that it was out for delivery.  Ugh.

It's very unlikely I'll post until I'm back so Happy New Year if I don't!


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