Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yup, I'm alive

It's been a bit.  I know I keep saying this but work is ridiculously busy these days.  I have been running crazy live-in-the-lab-all-day experiments.  Plus my work laptop is circling the drain so I have all the tech guys in and out of my cube all the time.  And my boss is being her normal charming self.  I truly believe that woman may have some sort of personality disorder.  Blah.  Then I finally get home and for some odd reason the boyfriend wants to hang out with me.  Weird, I know!  So yeah.  No time for posting.

I'm feeling okay.  Well, at least relative to my last post.  That's better, though still not great.

There've been some good things lately.  The boyfriend picked me up from the train station after work on Friday with a bouquet of lilies, my favorite.  Awwww.  I felt cute in the outfit I wore to the party on Saturday.  I got to play Little Big Planet 2, the video game I've been waiting for.  The boyfriend's mom added me to her Amazon Prime account.

There've also been some not so great things too.  The elliptical machine is still in parts covering my game room because a piece came out of the box broken.  My boyfriend the economist had me open the wrong kind of retirement account.  I got denied for a credit card, not because I have too much debt or something but because I have none.  We got referred to at the party by the boyfriend's aunt as "one of the married couples".  Fantastic.  I can't get a straight answer out of the boyfriend as to when he'd like to make that statement true but at least his family thinks we're already married.  I'm in their professional pictures but I'm not technically family.  Nice.

And I ate way too much this weekend and have felt disgusting.  Maybe.  I kind of don't even really know anymore.  I mean, when you get very tipsy off of 1 glass of wine that means something about not enough food, right?  But I also ate a ton of Reese's Pieces.  So where does that leave me?  Normal?  Still screwed up but screwed up enough in each direction that they somehow balance each other?  I mean, I kind of think that's why my weight's been stable for so long.  My binges are balanced with my restricting.  I do think I'm at the healthy weight for my own body so that's sort of good but it's still not a great way to live.

Anyhow.  I promised myself this wouldn't be another post like last time.  Not that that wasn't therapeutic to let it all out but it doesn't really help long term.  So in the spirit of not saying anything if you don't have anything nice to say (because those nice things I can't come up with would have to be directed at myself) I'll end this here.


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