Friday, December 24, 2010

Sleeping and spaghetti squash

There is seriously nothing I love in this world like sleep.  I'm really a champion sleeper.  I went to bed at 1am this morning and woke up at noon today.  I didn't even wake up when my boyfriend got up to feed the kitties at 8ish!  And I'm pretty sure I could have slept longer but the cats started having a yowling, shrieking (yes, my cats shriek) fight on the bed.  Now one is hiding somewhere and the other one is sleeping on my feet.

Look what a cute sleepy baby I am.  I'm never evil...
I adore my cats.

Anyhow, I haven't even made it out of bed today.  And it's 1:45.  Eeep.

I am off work for the next 11 days so probably posting will be more sporadic.  I always seem to have less free time at home than at work.  I was pretty annoyed when I found out I wouldn't be able to work between Xmas and New Year's like I normally do since our site was shutting down and we were all forced to take our vacation time then but now it's not so bad.  More sleep!  I don't celebrate Xmas, though the boyfriend does.  But all his family is local so the last couple years I got to work between Xmas and New Year's when nobody was around and I got a ton done.  But oh well.  Such is life.

Xmas is always insane since my boyfriend's parents are divorced.  Today we're off to my boyfriend's grandmother's on his mom's side for Xmas Eve and presents.  We'll come back here tonight with his brothers.  Then we'll all go back there in the morning for brunch, etc.  Once we're done there we'll (me, the boyfriend, and his brothers) all head to their grandparents on their dad's side for Xmas dinner.  I get tired just writing about it.  And, normally, we go to my parent's the next day since that's my mom's birthday!  But they're leaving tonight for Venice (lucky, lucky them) so not this year.

At the moment we're just kind of waiting for the last UPS box of presents to show up.  Being my boyfriend he ordered presents for his family last week.  They were supposed to arrive on Wednesday at my work but UPS decided to say the address didn't exist.  Never mind that we've send hundreds of packages there before.  So they're now supposed to come here today, hopefully before 8pm or something.

Well, all this is starting to get long and pointless.  But I guess I just wanted to say that today is a good day.  I woke up feeling happy with myself and my life.  So it's not all bad.  And now I'm off to eat lunch.  I think it'll be leftovers from the delicious dinner I made last night.  I cooked a spaghetti squash in the microwave and heated up some Trader Joe's pasta sauce with lots of fresh garlic and herbs.  Then I added some frozen vegetarian meatballs and, once they were thawed, mashed them up and added some mozzarella.  It made a super thick meat "sauce" that I put on top of the spaghetti squash and served with breadsticks.  Except we only had 2 left so I gave those to the boyfriend and just had wheat toast with mine.  Still good.  Even my veggie-disliking, meat-eating boyfriend thought it was good.  And it has a ton of protein which is good since I always feel protein starved after Xmas and all the meat-heavy meals.  This year I have some mini bags of cashews too so hopefully that will help.

And last night after dinner I had a white chocolate truffle from the box my boss gave me and more than a serving of (regular not light!) peppermint ice cream.  I am feeling very proud of myself for nourishing myself but not binging.  Hopefully the next couple days will go as well.

Happy Holidays!


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