Sunday, December 26, 2010


Yesterday and Friday were okay.  Mostly nice where family and everything was concerned, minus an unexpected and, on the part of most people, unwelcome guest.  But lots of quite nice moments and lovely presents from the boyfriend's family.  Particularly the awesome knife set the boyfriend's mom gave us.  We so needed it and they rock.  But only okay in terms of food.  There might have been some overeating/binging and I'm pretty unhappy with myself.  Not because of the sheer food consumption but because I have a horrible tendency to restrict to compensate and it just screws me up.  I'm very all or nothing.  Blah.

But today is a new day.  And a better one.  I slept in again and had delicious Chipotle for dinner.  Yum yum.

Except now I have the munchies.  But I should be starting my period shortly so I'm thinking that's it.  Not sure if it's psychosomatic since I'm on the pill and shouldn't be actually PMSing but doesn't really matter.

In other news, right after I made the last post, this happened:

Apparently my other kitty was jealous that she wasn't featured and the intruder was!  Yup, that is my blog on the screen!

And then this happened:

Puffy tail!

Haha, I love cats.

Dentist first thing tomorrow morning and hopefully I don't have any cavities.  I have notoriously bad teeth, despite being paranoid about my dental care.  And then seeing some good friends and lots of fun.  More interesting posts soon, promise.


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